Acting is a notoriously difficult career to get into. However, if you can’t imagine yourself doing anything else, you should begin working towards achieving your dream of making acting your career. This guide will go over some of the steps you can take to become an actor and break into the theater industry.

Go to School

Whether you obtain a degree in theater or simply take acting classes, some level of education is beneficial if you want to become a professional actor. Start doing theater in high school as an introduction. You will begin learning the basics of performance, different methods of acting and what it is like to perform in front of a large audience. Once done with high school, you should find a suitable program for the next phase of your journey. There are a number of quality theater and acting programs throughout the country at various colleges, universities, studios and more.


Artists only get better by practicing their craft. This is true whether they are writers, visual artists, or actors. Practicing in front of a mirror is an old trick that works because it allows you to watch your own facial expressions and performance. Participating in improv is very helpful because it forces you to hone your acting skills. Work experience is also crucial. Any part you can get, or any job you can do on set, such as a production assistant, gives you experience working in theater productions.

Build A Resume

In order to get bigger and better projects, you will want to start building your resume of acting roles. Do not limit yourself to just theater roles. Look into commercials, music videos, being an extra, and possibly film work. Being in a wide variety of performances increases the likelihood you will be called for auditions, and it gives you experience in playing many different kinds of roles. This helps you grow as an actor.

Consider Location

While there are theatrical performances all across the country, there are certain cities that have more theater opportunities than others. New York City and Chicago, for example, are both good choices for aspiring theater actors to live. Not all theater takes place on Broadway, however. Don’t forget other possibilities, such as cruise ships and other entertainment destinations known for their live theater.

Get an Agent

At some point, you will want to hire an agent. Your agent will connect you to a network of professionals, help you land auditions, and communicate on your behalf with various other professionals. Generally, actors are able to audition for and land many more roles with an agent than without one. Simply having one validates you to the theater industry, because it means you are good enough to make it past the gatekeepers of quality. You will especially need an agent if you want to work with one of the larger theater companies.

Experience Theater

One final important thing to do is take in as much theater as possible. You can observe how other actors perform roles, read reviews and publications, familiarize yourself with different productions, and generally learn how the industry works. This will help you tremendously when you do finally land a role.

It is perfectly possible to turn your passion for theater into a career. Follow the steps outlined above, and with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, you can pursue a successful career in theater.


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