You’re one of those people who’s always creative, whether it’s suddenly coming up with a perfect melody for your next song while you’re singing in the shower, scribbling poetry in a journal on the way to work, or running an Instagram with such beautiful pictures that people are constantly DMing you asking if you can be their wedding photographer. In fact, that most recent DM had you thinking: maybe there’s a way to make money online from your creative skills.

And the fact is, there most definitely is. Now that we’re living in a world where many students are educated online, and people can run their wholesale dropshipping business from home, without the need for a brick-and-mortar store at all, it’s time for you to start a remote business with those amazing creative skills of yours.

1 Start a blog

If you’re a writer, then starting a blog is one of the most financially feasible–and fun–ways to make some money online. There’s a reason why, by 2020, the number of bloggers is estimated to reach 31.7 million, and that’s because it’s an effective way of making money. Whether you’re making money from affiliate marketing, ads, or services you sell on your blog (e.g., if you’re a writer, editing services or an ebook on how to write a novel in a year).

Additionally, you’ll want to know your audience well. Otherwise, no one you actually want your visit your site is going to come, which is why it’s important to take a look at HubSpot’s free detailed buyer persona guide. The same goes for SEO strategy, so take a look at this article, too. Oh, and don’t forget–even if you’re not a writer, creating lots of content for your blog or website means more hits on Google, so either way, you should be writing or hiring writers.

2 Make some music

For musicians, there are some great ways to make money online. Like with writing, you’ll want to make sure you have a main page where you can advertise your services. And considering that 70 percent of people don’t trust poorly designed websites, you’ll need to find a great service like, which provides templates especially for creatives and musicians. After all, if a site visitor can’t play your music because of some problem with their browser, they’re not going to trust your services no matter how many awards you’ve gotten.

According to DIY Musician, some great ways you can make money online is by using Patreon, providing online e-concerts, private Skype shows, a tip jar on your website, and writing custom songs for fans. They speak especially highly of this last option: “Custom songwriting has been this new found glory because it’s a win-win situation. You get to earn money while writing a song (which you have to do anyway), while giving a gift to someone who appreciates it more than you know.”

3 Offer a photography (or Instagram) service

If you’re gifted when it comes to photography, then there are some great ways you can sell your talent online. In addition to being able to sell your photos to stock image websites, you can also teach online courses on how to improve your long-exposure technique or take the perfect selfie. And, of course, you can always sell your services online for local events such as weddings and high school graduations.

If you’re a little more into the modern way of taking pictures–with phones–then you can even become Instagram famous. After all, at the end of 2017, Instagram reached 800 million monthly active users, so if you’re killing it on Instagram, you’re going to start getting your content shared, and people will follow you. Eventually, this means you’ll be able to make money from advertisements and pictures that mention (or feature) brands.

4 Sell your art

Finally, you can always sell your art. Especially if you’re a painter with a certain niche skill–such as painting portraits of people’s cats–then you can make quite a bit of money. It’s what’s most effective in our online-bogged-down world, where everyone spends over 4 hours a day on their phones: it makes you stand out from the crowd and get attention.

According to, “To sell art, it helps to grab the viewer’s attention by creating works that are distinctly different from what already exists.  It’s also smart for an artist to cultivate an aesthetic that is markedly his or her own.  Famed artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Degas, Monet, Warhol, and Close all have one thing in common: their works look nothing alike.”

As you can see, there are some great ways to make money as an artist online. It’s all about getting entrepreneurial, sharing your stuff on social media, and being the best artist you can be. Sure, it will take a little bit of time at first, but it’s well worth it since you’ll eventually be making money off your art instead of at some 9-5 job.

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