Globalisation has remove geographical boundaries for business with English being the most preferred language of trade and commerce, hereby increasing demand of Business English courses and Your Agora is bridging this gap and enabling tutors to teach English as second language to students living in different parts of the world.

Your Agora is free to use for students and teachers whereas it requires businesses, enterprises, schools, colleges and other educational institutions to subscribe to its premium paid plans to to create ESL lesson plans and teach students overseas.

What makes Your Agora unique is its rich content of learning material and ESL lesson plans created and contributed by teachers from all around the globe as it give tutors freedom to create and design their own content which is often collaborated with interactive media such as photos, videos, text and word list to enhance learning experience for students learning business English.

Its other features allows tutors to edit, change and modify course content as per changing requirements of the courses and students.Its tag feature, allows tutors to filter content and organise it by date, class, course etc using the platform’s search option and students can search for appropriate learning contentsuitable for their needs and requirements.

Test and assignments can be automatically reviewed checked and gradedusing its auto-grade feature. This feature is only suitable for test and assignments containing true or false, matching, fill in the blanks and multiple choice formats and not writing assignments, hereby makingthe experience toteach English as second language a little less time consuming. Written assignments can be reviewed, checked and a provision to add comments and remarks enables students to receive feedback and make learning business English more effective.

Its export and print function lets students make hard copies of their course content making it easier to access without having to use computer or mobile devices. Your Agora is a preferred destination for teachers to teach English as second language, but at the same time it is not recommended for students with no basic or grass root level knowledge of English language as its ESL lesson plans are suitable only for people with basic or moderate English language skills and not zero English language skills.


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