If you’ve ever thought about starting your own ecommerce business, now is the time. Ecommerce is hitting an all-time high in online sales, yet it is still in its infancy as far as potential, so no time could be better than the present to set up your own online toy store. With Christmas right around the corner, parents are gearing up as they prepare for upcoming holidays. With most US consumers reporting they spend an average of close to $1,000 each year on Christmas gifts, your toy ecommerce business has an excellent chance of success.

So how can you imitate and improve “Santa” as you begin your ecommerce toy store? From the flexibility and freedom of running your own business to the fun of turning passion into profit, the advantages of starting that business may outweigh the hard work and effort involved.

Here’s a quick look at some comparative advantages:

You and Santa will both have fun following your passion. Whether you have an amazing invention you’re sure that kids will love or you’re looking to market an original idea that you intend to turn into a money-maker, an online toy business allows you to show who you truly are and what you love. Developing your idea into a full-fledged business is just half the enjoyment. You will also be bringing joy to kids (and parents!) around the world.

Just like Santa, your online business can help you share your passion for educational toys, personalized stories, devices for children with special needs,  or some other carefully-chosen gadgets or gizmos attractive to children. Maybe you have a contemporary twist on a vintage toy, or you’ve found a way to build a community of parents who value the time spent reading aloud to their toddlers. Whatever your idea, your interest and passion are the impetus for a business venture that is sure to make both you and your loyal consumers happy.

Similar to Santa, you won’t incur business costs associated with more traditional stores. From hard-working elves to hearty reindeer, everyone in Santa’s employ works toward the same end- the development of products that are delivered safely to eager consumers. Starting an online toy business won’t require nearly as much manpower since all you’ll need is your laptop, a reliable internet connection,  a website template, a hosting service, a clever company name, and a little bit of ingenuity.

Once you have built an audience and generated some online traffic, you can get those products to your enthusiastic customers through dropshipping suppliers without dealing with delivery logistics that Santa must navigate. Choosing excellent suppliers means you will also avoid other costs like real estate purchases, storage fees, inventory expenses, or warehouse employee salaries and benefits.

Just like Santa, you will be “selectively” busy. A niche online business is open 24/7, 365 days of the year. That means that you will be required to focus on all areas of the business, including tendering the product, marketing, advertising, managing your media presence, and handling all the financial aspects of your business. While your income will no longer be tied to an hourly wage, it will be connected to your level of productivity during the hours you choose to work.

Like Santa, you’ll be working from home, but you’ll be very busy while you’re there, taking care of or overseeing all aspects of your business. You won’t need to be present for toy purchase transactions to occur, but you will need to devote enough time to your business to ensure that you can produce, ship, and market the right goodies at the right time to encourage consumer loyalty, and grow and maintain your online business.

Santa himself technically online “works” one night a year, and certainly, setting up an online business will allow you, too, a great deal more flexibility in creating and maintaining your schedule. You won’t be dealing with a long commute to and from the office, and you will find that you can choose how many hours and what days of the week you wish to work. Freedom from time clocks and the constraints of hourly wages are a real boon, as long as you remember that meeting the needs of your consumers is the most important aspect of running an efficient and successful business.

If you’re looking at imitating Santa, you may want to consider some of the trendiest toys of 2018 for your online niche business. If any of these are appealing to you, you want to consider starting your online niche toy business.

What were some of your favorite toys as a kid? Share your ideas below.


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