For a 17-year-old, choosing an institution of higher education is quite a tough job. The decision becomes tougher once you factor in the performance art aspect. It’s quite scary walking into a college audition or even reviewing a portfolio on colleges you want to enroll to. This is because; there is that tendency of feeling like you are being judged for everything you have ever done. And also you feel like everything you want to do is dependent on your performance in that specific moment.

Below are some important tips to consider when choosing the best performing arts college or university for you.

Always be yourself

Whenever you go for an audition or interview, never try to be someone you are not. Don’t pretend to have skills or done things that you don’t have. The professors in the audition or interview are also interested in your success as much as you do hence they will try to get a real understanding of you in the interviews. You need to understand that the professors are not looking for perfection. This is because if you are perfect, then what exactly would they want to teach you? They want someone who has potential, who want to learn and they are interested in your willingness to want to learn. Having a desire to learn and also being you are big factors to consider when choosing performing arts colleges.

Don’t Just Settle for the First Performing Arts College you see

Many soon-to-be students settle for the first performing college the see or know. You need to first take a deep breath and relax; this is because there is a lot to consider before settling for any college. There are so many performing arts colleges to choose from that are readily available. Each of these colleges has different courses, tuition fees, different claims to fame and also the different impact on the lives of their students. First and foremost, you need to know who you are, what your passions are and what direction you wish to go and then from there you can choose a college that can accommodate for your character and also ambition.

Apply to Every Potential College you could see yourself going to

Before anything else, make sure you send your application as early as possible. You need to make sure that you apply to every college that you will benefit from attending it. Applying to many colleges gives you a safety net. This is because the more options you have, the better!

Be Prepared

After sending your application, get prepared. Take your time and read up on the best way to deal with performing arts auditions. Gather information about the type of auditions the colleges you have applied to hold. Good colleges like expect students who are prepared for auditions. The minute you get an invite to an audition for any particular role, make sure you have researched it, practice the role and own it. Not trying to put pressure on you but you need to realize that you will only get one shot at the audition. If truly this is your dream, don’t let this opportunity slip out of your hands easily.


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