Formation and credentials are only one part of being a good primary education teacher. Without the proper personality and skills, you probably won’t be able to last in this profession. Many teachers believe that they will be able to gain these personality traits as they go, but many times, these traits are innate and not acquired. Here are some of the qualities that are expected from new primary education teachers.

Connects Naturally with Students

An ability to connect with students is one of the most important traits a primary school teacher should have. If you want to make things easier for you and establish a strong connection with your students as soon as possible, try to learn what their first names are from the first day and find out something special about each of them. Every student has their own personality traits, preferred teaching styles, learning speed, skills and attributes, and knowing how to adapt to these traits will allow you to be a more effective teacher.

Sense of Humour

A solid sense of humour will not only allow you to connect with your students but will serve as a survival mechanism as well. Kids are just more likely to like and listen to a teacher that makes them laugh. This is also a great way to release some of the stress that comes with the job. You also have to have an ability to laugh at yourself and not get yourself too emotionally involved in negative situations.

Patience is also a very important trait for teachers as well. While humour will go a long way in keeping your students in check, some will just be more rambunctious than others and will require a bit more patience. Losing control over one student could lead to chaos. So, you’ll have to learn how to defuse situations without losing patience if you want to be successful.

EncouragingInquisitive Minds

A good teacher should not only welcome inquisition but invite it as well. Make sure that you let your students know that there are no such thing as silly questions and that you’re always open. You should try to push academic exploration and encourage curiosity. They go well beyond lecturing and going by the book and try to find ways to get students involved in active inquiry.

Great Organizational Skills

With so many children, all with their own specific needs, under your care most primary school teaching jobs will require that you have great organizational skills. Without it, it’ll be impossible to take care of assignments, exams and the special needs of each and every student while keeping your sanity. You need to have the ability to always keep the needed materials on hand, manage your time and stay organized throughout the day.

All these traits are absolutely essential if you want to have a long and fruitful career as a primary school teacher. If that somewhat describes you, then you may be the perfect fit for the profession.


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